Affiliated Coaches

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All of the coaches and organizations you see here are places I know and have worked with. If I am not the right fit for your needs, please have a look at them, and contact them. Everyone needs a coach, but not every coach is a perfect fit for every client. Shop around, do a discovery interview, and enjoy the greatest experience of your life! Getting coached!

Affiliated Coaches

Ibrahim Siddiq

Executive Coach
Training development | Coaching | Consulting | Aviation & corporate development | Podcasting


Excellent Coaching Alliance on

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I created this meetup page for coaches primarily in the GCC region but also for all beyond.

Affiliated Coaches

Diana Todorut

Cognitive Behavioral Coach
I help you find happiness and fulfillment in life by developing a new mindset, connecting with your true self and making the heart & mind one.


LifeCoach Hub

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A clearinghouse for coaches of all kinds!

Faten El Ayache

Faten El Ayache is a Professional Certified life and executive Coach (PCC), a TEDx Speaker, NLP practitioner and positive psychology practitioner, a soft skills trainer, a career development facilitator, and a pharmacist.
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