Identify your saboteurs and turn down the volume


Shirzad Chamine, author of the bestseller Positive Intelligence, and his team, assure us that Positive Intelligence is based on positive psychology, neuroscience, and sports psychology. Watch Shirzad in action, and you’ll see how Dr Larry can help you to find and address your saboteurs.

Marie Kondo is an expert at decluttering, and you can be too!

Shirzad Chamine

Dr Larry’s clients regularly talk about how they feel stuck or overwhelmed. This is mainly because they try to keep everything inside of their head, and, like the worst of the hoarders, their mind is absolutely overflowing with things they think about all the time. Marie Kondo has a simple answer to organizing your physical […]

Positive Psychology: you are amazing! YOU HAVE SUPERPOWERS.

Positive Psychology

People tend to look at their failures and try to fix things. This is wasted energy. First, find your superpowers. You have them. YOU DO! Next, you work to make those superpowers even more super. Through many tried-and-true positive psychology techniques, Dr Larry will work with you to bring out your best self! Here’s a […]

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